Hybrid Poplar and Hybrid Willow screen (progress pictures)


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We bought a new place in the country last fall and there is few acre property that borders us, otherwise its pretty much farm field or gravel roads. The property came with very few trees, some decent spruce and a few hardwoods planted 20 years ago, but the rest was hay field. We went to town dropping in 300 various spruce, 30 red and burr oaks and a few hundred various shrubs/bushes small trees.
There are a few drainage ditches that run across the fields and come into the backside of our property and we get a lot of deer activity while the sun is on the horizon. In an effort to increase day time usage we decided to screen asap. Blocking the road, the neighbor’s property and closing off out house/pole shed from the rest of the land.
I ordered up two 500 ft screen kits from John at Big Rock. 1 each of HP and HW. He was nice enough to send the ground cover and staples a head of time so I was able to get it down before the cutting showed up.



Scalped mowed the best I could. Would have like to sprayed, but timing wasn't great..



Rolled out the ground cover.. this went pretty well, even with a slight breeze..

Please keep up with the updates. I am looking at various screens right now for our family farm.

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Week 5 progress pics. There has been some regression and a bit of predation. The predation is not much of a concern as it looks minimal, the regression has me concerned. We have had good moisture, longest dry spell was 7 days, but the ground was still soft/moist under the ground cover.




Not the best pic, the cuttings blend into the background, but we are getting close to 18" of growth. Nice leaves on both the HP and the HW


HP not doing so well..


Some are dying back, not sure why.


HW just under 20"


Something made a snack out of this HW
Wondering if you experienced the hot spell that hit much of the Midwest the last two weeks. The lumite can absorb a lot of heat, and transfer it to the air above it.

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