Hurricane Michael


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This one hit close to home. Here’s some imagery showing my parents beach house where I was born and raised flattened. This was at St Joe Beach two blocks off the gulf but also slightly protected by Cape San Blas.


Next little area over is Mexico Beach that was damn near completely destroyed!

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Been a rough season this year. Glad you and family are ok and hope your friends in the area are safe also.
The drive across I-10 today was something else. You could literally see where Michael came across and which direction the wind was blowing based on how the trees were laying. Never seen so many skid steers with grapple buckets heading in that direction. Hopefully they're all good people and not preying on people during this difficult time

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Never lived on the coast, but I've been in tornado alley all of my life. Got hit in '91 and lost my home. Near miss a couple years ago and hit the storm room for a couple hours again today. It ain't fun !

I feel for the people who have lost all in these hurricanes.