How rare is this size buck? I'm not a hunter but ran into it in east PA woods

That’s a beautiful deer but I wouldn’t say a deer like that is extremely rare in PA. A trophy and maybe a once in a lifetime size deer for some people. But plenty of deer are harvested every year that size.
It’s a good one that not many out there would pass, but it’s not a giant. In the midwest that one gets passed more times than not, depending on the area and individual hunter of course.

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Even in East Texas that’s not a really big buck. I just pulled cards from two cams today. A129AD9B-2109-4C44-A43F-CD1CBC7607EB.jpegF1533FCB-31BD-4F81-9437-C6F9B01D407C.jpeg
Not rare at all in this part of PA. It's hard to score a buck from just one frontal pic but I would be surprised if he breaks the upper teens.
If he's 2.5, he's a solid 2 year old.
If he's 3.5, he could still blossom into a great buck.
If he's 4.5, he's behind the curve. Not that he can't still become a 150 but he has a ways to go.