How old is he?


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This pic is a buck my buddy was chasing during the late season on our property... I knew he was definitely old based on the pics over the past three years. He dropped one side on the 26th, and I got this pic of him last night.
Does anyone have an idea of the age class I am looking at here? He didn't get a jump in score compared to last year, which is making me think he's going downhill.
Can anyone give some suggestions on age, and when they feel a buck goes downhill as far as rack/score goes. I will post pics from the past two years after I get them off the old laptop.
Amazing how much weight they lose during the rut. I don't think I would say he is on his way down yet but he is very mature. I would say he is easily a 6 year old buck.
Thanks for all your input guys... I usually get pics of him all summer, then he disappears until the first week of December.
I will try to remember and update the thread later this year if he shows up. I'm curious to see where he goes from here.