Hotdogs and Sausages recipes?


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Does anyone make their own hotdogs and or sausages out of there venison/pork? I'm looking for more info on seasonings and skins and any other info that might help. I don't really like breakfast sausage so more on the line of spicy sausage that would you grill for lunch of dinner.

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I used the seasonings that Gander Mountain sells. I added a little cayenne and red pepper to my spicy sausage. I am sorry I don't remember the name of the stuff though. They also sell the casings. I mixed mine with 1/3 pork, 2/3 venison and mix the spices in and ran back through grinder to mix the pork, venison and seasoning again real good. It turned out excellent. My family actually like the brats better than store bought brats.


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Cool thanks had some out at a mud bogg last fall and they were the best hot/sausage ever but the guy wouldn't share his recipe...


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I've got one, this recipe is really good. I just pack it into a jerky shooter and make it into 2" logs and smoke it. You can also do it in the oven. There is no casing, it's like a summer sausage. People love this stuff. My buddys eat it all before I can get any. I've learned to set some aside for myself.
1.5 lb venison
1.0 lb round beef
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1.5 tbl kosher salt
1/2 tbl onion powder
1.5 tbl pepper
1 tbl paprika
1/2 tbl mustard seed
1/2 tbl liquid smoke
1/2 tbl prague powder or instacure
1/2 cup ice water
Grind the venison, add the beef, put all the spice in the ice water and pour into the meat as you mix by hand. Mix for at least 2 min. Put in a covered bowl in the fridge for 1-3 days. Take it out and either hand form 2" logs or cram it into a jerky shooter then take the end off and shoot out the log. This makes it tighter and easier to slice without crumbling. Wrap the logs in foil shiny side in and poke several holes in them for drainage. Put the logs on the racks with a drip pan on a rack below. bake at 350 for 1.5 hrs. I smoke mine in an electric smoker for @ 4-5 hrs depending on the outside temp. Allow it to cool and dig in. This is way better than any jerky you could make. I forgot to say that if I smoke it I leave the logs uncovered and put foil under them and poke holes for drainage.


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These two books are the best sausage books on the planet. I've tried just about every recipe in both. I have completely changed people's mind about venison.






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I've used sheep casings for hotdogs and breakfast links. The collagen casings I'm sure work well but I have only used them for sticks.
21mm for sticks worked best for my setup, smaller was too cumbersome.

Looks tasty Weasel. You are correct on the Great sausage book. There is a lot of old world info and recipes to make great product. My wife made bacon from a hog I butchered a few weeks ago and I honestly believe it is the best bacon I have ever had. I had very little faith in it turning out but I couldn't have been more wrong.