Homebrew help needed


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Is there anyone on here that can hack Sony P52? It's a firemanjim camera and Jim isn't really in the business any more. He replaced the board for me last year, but the camera is acting up. I'd hate to throw the unit away. If someone can do a hack job for me, I would look for a "new" P52 and send it to anyone who can do it...I would pay for your time, of course.
Okay, no answers.
How about this... Do any of you guys have any contact info for a dependable home-brew builder? Or maybe a website/forum that home-brewers frequent?
Thanks guys. I had already watched a few YouTube vids last night on hacking.
But I believe I have a "pro" that already has a P52 that he will hack and send me. Hopefully it'll be in my hands soon.