Home Security Cameras


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What is your go to for home security cameras? My Arlos are getting old and I think I want to add another option or replace altogether.
My Arlo depends on me remembering to change batteries, AND wifi to be on.
Are there options that use Solar charged batteries, and have Cellular backup when wifi is not available?

lot of folks will mention ring.....i switched to brand called Wyze. like it so much better. There are wireless options for outdoor cameras, i have one the battery lasted through our WI winter about 2-3 months and then i charge it one night and good to go for another 2-3, but also have hard wired ones as well that if don't mind running cord through soffits or punching hole through siding to an outlet can certainly do that.

All of it is Wifi so goes right to app and they have like smart sensing so it only sends me notifications for people/vehicles, so not worrying about every time squirrel goes by getting messages.
ring has a bunch of new outdoor options,I just hooked up the POE cameras but it was kind of deceiving as I really think you can run the ethernet wires to a central spot and plug in to the POE adapters and connect to internet wifi.you can also chose if you want door chime with extender and alexes devices.You can chose if you want recorded to cloud or not if you do I believe it was 100.00 a year for unlimited devices.I tried reolink before these and never got them to work and never could get customer support to call me back.