Home-brew, free. pay shipping.


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FiremanJim build. Needs some work. Sony P52 works, fresnel sees the subject but it doesn't take the pic. Been a decent camera but Jim isn't in the camera building business anymore so I can't send it for repair. I also have 2 Sandisk cards for P52 plus the adaptors and a Sandisk USB reader.
This would be good for a home-brew geek...probably won't take much to get it working...if a person knows how to fix this type of stuff.
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Here ya go...

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Doesn't seem like anyone really wants it. I'm about ready to toss it in the trash unless someone wants to pay shipping.
I do have 2 of the Sony memory sticks with 2 adaptors. I saw 1 Sony stick on Ebay for $10 with no adaptor.
I will try to sell those separately.