Help with tree/log ID


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2140393909208480263.jpg 7955769138683325131.jpg Can someone help with identifying this species of wood? It was cut down and chunked up by the county road commission on our property because it was overhanging on a county road.


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Certainly looks like it could be walnut. Lots of county crews don't really care what it is if it's in the right-of-way and causing issues. Most of the times the trees are rather mis-formed due to years of being cut back and abused. My county crew like to take a rotary mower on a hydraulic boom and literally mow the branches back. Looks like hell and is not good for the trees....but it does the job and seems to be efficient and that tends to be all they are interested in.


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You got me thinking on the shaggy bark. We cut down some Kentucky Coffee Tree a few years back that had wood similar in color to walnut with the shaggier bark. Just a thought.