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Hello,Im new to the forum and im happy to be here.I do have a question that im hoping a few good folks will chime in. Ive got a new piece of property to hunt this year and was wondering about stand placement.Im using ladder stands so moving them isnt quick or easy. It's a 40 acre corn field with a 14 acre "island" of hardwood in the middle.Seems to be an old homestead as it has a few large old apple trees and a well head.It has an L shaped creek boarding the North end.The entire property is surrounded by either soybeans or corn.In fact, there isnt another woodlot for a mile or so. Its set in a sea of ag land.Im wondering how far in to set stands off the field edge with such a small property? Im used to hunting huge areas in the North measured in sq miles.
Without seeing is what I would do. First you have to even get to the woods. You mentioned a creek, so I am going to try to use that as my path if possible. This will help keep me out of sight vs walking across a wide open harvested field. The position of the creek is going to determine how far into the woods you can go. You simply have to consider that your scent stream is going to eliminate certain areas of these woods from holding deer, so you have to set-up in a manner to make that area as small as possible. I am thinking the corner or bend the creek makes may be a good spot as a general area goes as you may be able to have some elevation advantage and depending on wind direction may open up some options as well. You may or may not be in the optimal position as far as food and sign goes. However, being able to get in and out is far more important in a situation like this. With it being a new place, you are going to have to learn how the deer use the place, so your best bet is to do that from a distance. Then and only then would I consider moving "closer".
I agree with j-bird. Ingress and egress is gonna make or break your setup, whether it's 40 acres or 400 acres. If they see you, smell you, or hear you, you're done, except for the odd deer that comes in mid-morning that was several hundred yards away when you got there. Even then, according to some biologists, the scent from interdigital glands of spooked deer may make the late comer nervous.

You need to know where they bed, and how they travel. Where I hunt, long distance scouting is not possible, so it takes a little boot leather and some time to know these things. Some failure also, so I kinda like to do my roaming right after deer season so I'm at least giving them several months to forget about my intrusion.

Good luck Sir and welcome !
Welcome to the forum Ravenwood. I have no experience with a setup such as you have described. Two thoughts jump out at me anyway.
1. Is leaving all or a part of the corn standing during all or part of hunting season an option? It certainly would help with access and also added deer cover.
2. If the corn will be cut before hunting is over can tower stands or ground blinds be built or set up setup 50 yards from your property lines over looking the field edges and newly cut shooting lanes (possibly to be made) into the 14 acre wooded area?
Those are just two random thoughts from I who as stated has no experience with such a setup so don't take them as recommendations, just ideas to ponder. It will be interesting to see what ends up working for you. Best of luck on it and again welcome to the forum.