Help on Age


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Wondering peoples' thoughts on the age of this deer? I have a guess, but I'll admit that I struggle in that department.

He'll be a game time decision for me either way. While I'd like to see what he'd look like in another year, not sure he'd make that with some of the neighbors in the area.

Legs look long. No sagging belly. Straight back. No deep chest. When I put my finger over his antlers he is screaming to me a 2.5 year old. Just has some nice mass for 2.5. However, I don't see him any older than 3.5.
I know I shouldn't look at the antlers but....those main beams are thick! He would be at least 4.5 where I hunt. Wisconsin? Gotta look at the body. His hips look bigger than his shoulders. As Dogdoc suggested, he just might be 2.5.

Nice deer!
Not the best at aging, but...... I am going with 3.5.
Even though he is a northern deer, his neck is to big to be 2.5 and to small to be 4.5(its very close to the brisket, but not quite), his legs aren't overly long but they aren't short in appearance like a mature deer, he is missing the swag in his back and pot belly of a 5.5+ deer, but he has a small hump for his shoulders even with his neck/head up. I get tired of hearing this, but I think it rings true with this deer.... give him another year and he will be great. Give him two and he will be outstanding.
In some pictures I have of him I think 2.5 and in others I question 3.5. I'm in agreement that he's not past 3.5. I'll have to judge him if he shows up while on I'm stand (starting this weekend). I would let him go if I knew he stayed core to my land, but he's crossing fence lines and I'm sure the next door neighbor (and clan) would take him in a heartbeat. Again, will have to judge first-hand if he shows in the daylight. This one is paining me.

Here's a pic of him from the end of July that I found after looking back through the archives.

Posted as well on another site and so far the majority is saying 3.5 y/o. If he's harvested will for sure have to have the jawbone aged.