Hard side box blind purchase just made...rebate ends 8/19


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OK don't pile on me too hard fellow hunters but I just bought a Booner brand pentagon 5 panel blind from Menards this morning...the foot print is like 72"X78" priced a $599.00 less a 11% rebate (rebate good THRU TOMORROW/be aware that rebate is a store card to be used in Menards only) ....so like $534 but tax was before discount
The blind weighs 145lbs... 3/16 wall thickness ....DOES NOT require additional framing like many other poly blinds recommend when you read the fine print on others ...comes with 5 horizontal tinted windows but panels are designed with one horizontal position or 2 verticle (read archery windows)

I called the factory ...very cordial and ordered 2 tinted window and 2 panels to covers where I move the horizontal windows to the verticle.
If any interest let me know and I can keep you posted on the build (I hope this weekend)

20170812_133756_resized_1.jpg 20170812_154122_resized_1.jpg 20170812_160226_resized_1.jpg 20170812_170411_resized_1.jpg Well it's up ...loving Granddaughter made it a twosome which the blind assembly made it all but mandatory ...plus she is an artist and would not let me just camo it with stripes and dots ....the platform was 3+ times the grunt work and time that the blind assembly was ...infact no grunt to the blind assembly ...2 hours ...my next one would be 1 to 1 1/4 ...very pleased with the blind ...factory says 3/16" thick panels ...looked more like 1/4"+ ...parts fitment ..zero problems ...
Nice. Was the floor a part of the package? don't see the vertical archery windows?
Actually have two windows coming from the factory ...just unbolt the panel or panels ...rotate them 180 degrees putting the verticle panels up... cut out the premarked panels in the verticle positions and roll on down the road ...I actually jumped the gun on the windows because I cannot use my compound anymore due to bad shoulders (wreck) and to be honest the windows as the 5 panel version comes from the factory are a perfect height I will add the windows this spring as I do intend to move it and elevate it 10' so then the archery window make sense ...but now on the ground ...factory set A-OK ...my wife sews ...so some camo net curtains with top and bottom rods (like an RV) iw probably get installed

That looks awesome!! I just got one of these today at Menards. It is on sale and has the 11% rebate. I like the floor/stand you made. I would like to build the same floor. What size cuts of the plywood and supports did you use? Are those 2x6's? If I pick up the wood at HD they will cut them all for me at the store.
The lumber is is all treated including the 3/4" plywood ...all dimension lumber are 2"X8"

The deck is 7' square ...BUT... I built the deck oversize with a distinct chance that I will move it about 40 yards to the edge of a drop off ...the effect being if I stay at ground level 6' rear legs and 2' front legs

So the oversize allowed me place the blind to one side and walking on the deck from the front to access the door on the back same side and allowed me to stand on the same level as as the door/floor

Joists are on roughly 15" centers depending on how you start the outer frame of the platform

As you figure what size/needs you want the platform to be you can quickly figure your cuts on the plywood

Remembering that a 2"X8" is only 1 1/2" thick you can figure your lengths to your 2X8's by what size you want the platform to be

So 2 pieces of plywood and 9ea 8'X2"X8" boards are all you need ...and the corner posts which was ground contact grade treated 4"X4"