Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope you all get your fill of food, family, football, naps and leftovers. That’s my plan.

Ours takes place tomorrow night, but Happy Thanksgiving to all on the forum. And may I add, I’m on a few different forums and this is my favorite by far. That’s mostly because of the knowledge base and the civility with which it is dispensed, and following behind that, the fact that jackasses are not tolerated. Thanks for that !
Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all you guys n gals in deer hunter forum land! We are celebrating our 8th Thanksgiving at the farm. Got 2 turkeys bout to come off the Traeger n waiting on the rest of crew to arrive.
Happy Thanksgiving! The wife has 6 smoked Turkey legs in the oven.
Which reminds me of the story of the farmer who bred turkeys until he finally perfected one that grew 6 drumsticks on one gobbler. His neighbor asked him, well how do they taste? The farmer's face fell, and he said; I haven't been able to catch it yet!
Same to you guys. Appreciate all you do. In NC at my daughters small farm watching bucks run everwhere.
These babies wear an old man out. Has my hairline.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Barley made it back to Hawaii from the east coast in time but made it happen with a gate-to-gate sprint in Chicago on Wednesday morning! Nothing like eating turkey with friends and family!

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