Pulled the card from one of my cams and I've got 600 videos of greenbrier. Not happy. It grew right in front of the camera in the span of 2 weeks.

hahahaha....I think we have all had something like that happen to us. I had a card filled once from a family of coons, and another filled because the cam picked up a busy day or two in the field from my rental farmer. Lots of deere, big ones too....just spelled differently! I have also had them go nuts because of the sunlight as well.... Just part of the struggle. Just laugh about it, learn from it and try again.
I had a cam on an adjustable screw-in bracket that was pointed toward my protein feeder. Got dozens of pics of the ground with either a squirrel or a coon looking up the tree or climbing up it. I still haven’t figured out which one made it turn down but I’m leaning towards the coon since he was heavier. Had some good closeups of the masked bandit !:)