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Time has run out, with it being such a wet season we haven't been able to get our turnips in the ground. Being so that we need to get them in this week I have some questions. We have everywhere sprayed and some of the areas burned off. They are calling for rain Saturday, my thought was running the york rake over the ground and then throwing the seed down, maybe running it over it with a drag or something. Any thoughts, being that we need to get it in the ground now. What can we do for our best results.
Get em in the ground. Without knowing how much you have to rake, I can't say whether it makes sense. I far prefer packing to dragging for small seeds.
Pack them in with a pickup truck. I've done it before and it works great. You have to make a lot of circles, but it's fun if you go fast, hang your arm out the window and pretend you are Bo Duke being chased by Roscoe P. Coltrane.