Grandpa's Legacy


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Picked some grapes with the boys today. We normally wait till a frost but it was a bad year for them and I wanted some before the birds got them all. My boys are the fourth generation to pick grapes off the vines my grandpa planted. Used the time to tell them about their great grandpa they never met and point out all the ways he shaped the land for the better. Was great to see him live on in the eyes of his great grandchildren. When you're out there sweating and fighting skeeters, ticks and flies it's good to remember that a hundred years from now people, hopefully your kin, will still be enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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That is great.....being able to connect the past with the present and hopefully to the future. With some luck maybe one day you will be the grand-dad or great-grand-dad being referenced to in some stories while picking grapes as well.