Lester beat us in the first inning - not sure what his issue was. I'm over his "I can't throw to 1st base" garbage. He is a professional and paid to do a job! He had that one guy picked off and still wouldn't throw the ball!!!! I think you could stare him in the eye and just run and he wouldn't throw it. Kluber was awesome and Miller got out of a jam or two where my Cubbies (yes I'm a frustrated cubbies fan) couldn't get runs across the plate - obviously we need to shorten our swings and try to just put the ball in play. To many big swings last night and far too many pop outs from trying to lift the ball. Tribe took advantage of our mistakes as good teams do.

Its a best of 7 series and if we can get one before we head to Chicago I will be happy. We figured out Kershaw, we will figure out Kluber. And Kluber/Miller can't pitch them all. We will see how things go tonight.
Maybe this is the issue. My internet TV Guide doesn't even know who is playing the Indians in the World Series. It is such a shock that the Cubbies are there. GO CUBS!!

Good game last night. Arrieta was solid; the bats were finding the ball even though they left a ton of runners on. It's going to be a fun weekend here in Chicago! I'll be there tomorrow - can't wait!