Giant Wisconsin Whitetail Hunts

Double R Whitetails is a brand new all-inclusive whitetail deer hunting ranch located in central Wisconsin. We specialize in providing our hunters with both a challenging and rewarding hunting experience. Whether you are looking for that giant typical or maybe a monster non-typical, Double R Whitetails is the place to be. We are a family run operation consisting of years of hunting ranch and whitetail deer hunting experiences from all over North America.

Our outgoing guides have worked on ranches from down in south Texas to northern Wisconsin. They will take care of your every need and help fulfill your dream of that buck of a lifetime. All the guides are experienced in archery and firearms hunts from ground blinds to luxury tower stands. The guides will make sure your trophy safely makes it from the field back the lodge field dressed and ready for that picture of a lifetime.

Double R Whitetails consists of thick oak forest, rolling pines, lush food plots and more. You couldn’t ask for a more inviting habitat and challenging terrain to chase your buck of a lifetime. On an average morning or evening sit, our hunters will see bucks and does of all ages throughout the ranch. We provide hunters with a variety of stand types to accommodate all different needs and hunting styles. We do offer disabled hunts and have ground blinds and tower stands available to meet all needs.

The hunting season at Double R Whitetails runs from mid-August for those giant velvet bucks through late January for those last minute end of the season hunters. No license is required.

For more information on booking your hunt of lifetime please contact Ben at 920-540-3728 or

First 10 hunters will receive 50% off a second buck

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