Getting out of treestand near food plots in the evening


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I always hear the TV guys mention they have someone drive in and push deer off plots with no major issues.....but if that is not an option, how do you guys get out of stands near plots in the evening without making deer totally aware of you in the stand?

We have some stands that are pretty easy to slide out of, others not so much.....especially if you have a few deer within 50 yards.
I typically call the wife or kids with the cell and have them turn our dogs loose...sooner or later they will find me and in the process push the deer off. I have had vehicles come to a certain spot as well... I have resorted to throwing walnuts before also.
That has been a problem at some of my stands in the past when I was hunting alone. I've tried flashing a light at them, a coyote howl on a cell phone, and a grunt call. I honestly think that I've moved more does with a grunt call than anything else. Maybe I sound like a hog 'cause they will not stay around if a hog comes into the plot ! :D
I now take a thin rope oh about 100 feet tie this to my stand, then run it out to a bush as far as it will reach, then when ready to leave i tug on rope to shake bush which then alerts deer to leave, seems they do not know what made the bush noise, could be squireel, grouse, raccon or ? does not seem to scare them as much as seeing a hunter, they also seem to come back the next day
I keep moving my stands back. This past year, I was about 30 yards off the plot. This coming season will be closer to 90 yards off. I'm not hunting the deer in the plots anyway. I'm hunting the deer watching the deer in the plots.

Work has already been done to clear "viewing" lanes. Now I just have to move my stands when the spring mud firms up.