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My buddy tried to help me last year and gave me a load of free top soil
I tested the soil and its almost perfect
However the soil is like a heavy clay - almost like cement

CEC -11.8
OM - 8%

Should I be concerned? I planted a few seeds 3 weeks ago this Sunday- temperatures then have dipped very low at night and it has not been to great. Not a single plant has popped up yet. Should I count it as a loss or should I wait a bit longer?

Good news- I have some plants being grown in house to transplant in near future.
Depends on what you planted and how deep. Soil temp could be holding them back. We have been in the high 70's to low 80's during the day here and everyone is just now planting(3-5" store bought). I have a friend that plants a HUGE garden every year and he started planting 2 weeks ago, not including his potato.
Down this way we want several nights in the sixties for germination. That is reason I start most things in greenhouse
Deff planted too early. I guess I'll just wait and see if anything pops when the the weather turns. We had severa days in 70-80. Then a cold front hit and we had a lot of cold temps.