FYI oak presentations

These are great articles which leads to some questions.

One conclusion is that "Bigger is Better". However, I have read that starting from seed or planting younger stock has advantages since the roots go through less shock. So, if we want the biggest trees 8 - 10 years in the future, should we plant 2'-3' seedlings or 2" - 4" plugs?

Another conclusion is the advantage of "premium grade seedlings" versus random seedlings. I believe that many of the state conservation / natural resources departments get random seed sources, but are very cheap. However, many have expressed concerns about over-priced "magic bean" seedlings from some nurseries. Have we put together a list of proven premium sources of seedlings?
*I have heard that the Swamp Bur oaks from Kelly Tree Farms are good. Some have reported success with the Concordia Oaks from the Missouri Conservation Department. What other sources are out there for improved seedling sources?

Many of us plant bare root, but the 4th article (Dey) recommends containerized. In the upper Midwest I know of: North Central Reforestation and Itasca Greenhouse, both in north central Minnesota, and Morse and Kilos in Michigan. Are there any other sources for containerized seedlings?
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Good links Shedder! I've only read the last two so far. Much of it is over my head but I get enough of the drift to see the incredible variation of tree qualities. Much of the timber in this area has been cut by taking the best and leaving the low grade trees (timber production wise) to cross. It has made quite a mess.
Any how, the challenges of improving trees are multiplied significantly when one considers that the best combination of genes to produce a perfect white oak in one locale may produce a different result in another.
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