Fruit tree ID?


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I found a group of about 10 of these trees on the edge of my field. The fruit was in different shades of yellow/orange/red but all the trees were about 9-10 ft tall. What do you think?


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Hard to tell. I was going to say native persimmon but I don’t see any spots on the leaves like you normally see on a persimmon. Plums should have already produced by now?

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I think I'm seeing serrated leaf edges on some of those leaves. It also appears that I can see stems on some of the fruit. Neither of those would indicate persimmon, but both could mean plum. I agree that you need to get some better pics to get a good ID.


I got a few more pics and agree they look like small plums. I opened one up and it had a pit like a plum. In fact I found a few more of these trees.

I was out today and found a few trees today for the first time. Walking back to the truck, I also stumbled onto some hazelnuts. Maybe August isn't such a terrible month after all.

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The husks are still quite green but peeling them back most of the nuts were brown. Gonna let them dry down a few days.

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Better be checking mine. I have some bushes growing in full sunlight, and they seem to get bigger and mature faster than the ones growing along the woods.

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