Freezing temps on newly planted fruit trees


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I just planted 11 fruit trees today and the forecast for overnight Saturday is 20 degrees. Do I have anything to worry about? I put about 5 gallons of water on each tree during planting and I read that it should be ok if the roots are wet. Anybody have any experience with this?
I planted a bunch of big potted oaks this weekend since it was in the 70s, now they are calling for snow and 15 degrees, had a bunch of hail to lol i give up
I second the others. They are fine as long as they haven't budded out in which case the tree is still going to be fine but you will lose fruit (not your concern with newly planted trees I know).
And then there are those who did all their apple and pear grafting last week. I'm glad I held off on the persimmons.