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Who planted Franklin Apple a few years ago when they were the hot new thing?

How are your trees doing? What is your opinion so far?
I planted two of them and had fruit for two years. However, at that location most apples got frozen out this spring, so no fruit there this year. The trees seem highly resistant to SCAB and CAR, but I have seen some fireblight (FB) on mine. So far the FB has not been severe for me, and I think there is a chance that the tree might become more resistant as it matures. I've seen that happen with some other cultivars in the past. But, one person on the other forum saw some severe fireblight on his tree. I'm not sure how that eventually turned out for him.

I knew when I planted mine that there was a chance that it might not be resistant to FB, because the guy who grew the original tree stated that FB was not present in his area - so he really didn't know if it would be resistant or not. Supposedly Stark Brothers did some kind of magical test and claimed it was FB resistant, but I don't have much faith in them anymore. However, I was willing to take the chance for the sake of experimenting. If we don't get frozen out again next year, I should be able to tell a lot more about how they are going to perform.

My guess is that Franklin will end up being an okay tree for deer orchards but nothing all that special. Ask me again in a couple of years.
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Looks like this could be the year for Franklin Cider: