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Yes ..this morning brought home that every one of my votes counted ...however

I did not vote for the man but rather I voted for a chance for America to renew it's democracy defend the Constitution ...and at a chance to find the intelligence within the winner and those he surrounds himself to do so with all walks in life of Americans...left,right,rich,poor,black,brown and in between weave the fabric of America as it should be UNITED as one!

Lord my mind and heart prays that we can educate our people ...all people to their highest ability give them a job ...a meaning in life be proud of what they see in the mirror,self respect and Faith are the only way that this great nation can become ONE.

To give the leadership of America the wisdom to find a way to feed all of our people from the great bounty you have bestowed upon out blessed Nation ..

....I pray that ALL RELIGIONS can unite together as the fabric of America ... and that the leadership of these religions can see they no longer can stand only behind the pulpit but must leave their comfort zones going out into their communities and gathering ALL Americans to their breast encourage all their membership to be the bearer of faith to those around them

I pray for all Americans to think not self but US ...that shame follow the leadership found to do Americas business with self first and US last ...and that we as Americans can forgive those who fail US and find ways to heal those who have failed ....our nation needs to heal ...heart and faith will heal great voids in humanity ...let US find the wisdom and strength as a nation to do so

In this I Pray