First hunt of season...first deer!


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Usually I'm trying to get my first deer late in the season because...well...I'm just not a good hunter I guess. Went Sunday evening for the first time this season. About 6:45 a large, wary doe eased out of the woods directly in front of me and made her way down the tree line being very cautious and steady looking in my direction. Since I was sitting in an uncomfortable wooden stand I was half laying down with my rifle propped in a corner of the blind. I figured I would just keep my position till she made it to the feeder and got distracted and then I would grab the rifle and get in position. Well, she wasn't having any of it and decided to jog on out the field. I kept thinking more deer would come out from where she did but no such luck. About 7:10 a large doe appeared where the previous one ran out the field (sure it was the same one). She was still acting spooky and started to ease towards the woods again. I was in position this time and got the scope on her and took the shot. I watched her run out the field down a logging road. She didn't act like she had been hit, just ran out. I waited about 15 minutes and went to look for blood. No blood. Dang, maybe I rushed the shot and missed. Finally two hunting buddies showed up and one found a drop of blood about 10 yards from where I shot it. It took us about 30 more minutes to track that deer 50 yards. It was a good shot through the heart. What a relief!! She weighed 118#.