Few of my grafts..


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Removed tape from a few of my grafts that I did 3 months ago. They are all pears.
First 2 are saddle grafts.


Cleft graft

Whip and tongue

I had a few larger seedlings that I did bark grafts with. They have all taken but I haven't removed the tape yet.
Looking great. I really need to get off my but and try to graft. I have a couple of persimmons that I am going to graft next year. You guys are motivation. How far are you guys from Little Rock? I'll be there Sunday and Monday. Picking my mother-in-law up and moving her to SC. Lord help me.
I'm around 3.5 hours away in the North East corner. Good luck with the move I know I hate moving across town can't imagine across states lol!
She doesn't have much so I'm bringing a box trailer and loading up. We had a bunch of totes delivered so hopefully most of the packing will be done. It shall be a long weekend. I am leaving at 5 am Sunday and hope to be back Monday night or Tuesday around lunch. I was hoping you guys were closer. I was going to see if you two wanted an ice cold frosty adult beverage but I won't have that much time. Maybe next time.
Thought I'd update a few of mine too. Here are a few shots with my 5'7" self for height reference. Forgive my appearance, just got off work and it's hot in a steel mill in January much less July!


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Yeah everything was shipped to my house and then we split them. Everything was either anatovonka or b118.
Great looking trees Merle! Did you graft these on dormant rootstock this spring?

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Chuck's beat me to it, but yes. The only fertilizer I've used is the compost I put in the bed before planting. I think all the rain had really helped them grow this year too.

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