Fantasy NFL Football:

I do play fantasy football. If I get time to be in the stand I can keep up with it. This fall is looking busier so who knows how well I will be able to keep up with it. I am like Buckeye I find it hard to watch on Sunday's being a Bears fan. Usually I will tell my wife I am going to watch some football but by half time I am usually heading to the deer woods after saying a few choice words about the Bears game.
I don't agonize watching actual Live games Sunday afternoons during deer season; I'm in a deer stand & if phone has signal I can check my Fantasy football lineup productivity real time.
I guess I'm just getting old. While I was still working for a living,I had to carry a radio and a cell phone. I considered both a leash that could be yanked at any time by my bosses. I always regarded hunting time as sacred and felt relieved to shut that stuff off and used only in an emergency. But I guess it's just a sign of the times that many feel the need to be always connected.
Heck yes there always time for a little fantasy football. Start a league ill join just send me the info
Our draft date has been changed to Wed...Aug 30 @ 7:30 PM.... central standard time......

ALL TEAMS please answer the thread on our fantasy football homepage with a final roll call letting us know you're still here and ready to draft on that date. I can still change the date of the draft if there are any conflicts. Any team that doesn't answer the final roll call by Aug 15 will be dropped and replaced with an alternate.


It's been requested to move the draft to Tues. Sept 5 due to conflicting with work for some teams.....Does anyone have an issue with that date???