Fall food plot


I roto tilled my 1.5 ac fall plot on 8-26-16. On 8-27 we got 2" of rain and another shower on 8-28.
I checked it on 8-30 after 4 days of 90 degree temps and the soil moister was OK.
So I broadcast 19-19-19 fertlizer and disk it on 8-30 and broadcast forage oats on 1.0 ac. I drug a wire fence drag over the planted seeded.
Went down on 8-31 run the cultipacker over the disked ground and hand broadcast the .5 ac with radish, turnip, and rutabaga mix. The run the cultipacker over the seeded ground. Finished in a light drizzle but it was enough to help any, Slight chance of rain tonight then nothing for the next 7 days. At least the temp will be in the high 70's to low 80's and not the 90's we been having.
I've have excellent results with forage oats and turnip-radish the last 4 years. First year for planting rutabaga but the family likes all 3 plantings.

These 2 planted plots are next to my clover batches and are next to my hunting woods. My woods is on the back of my farm and has been a natural pinch point for 20 years until I planted the food plot next to the woods and almost all deer traffic is through the food plots and the woods has dried up so now I treat the woods as a no hunt area.
Since buying the farm in 1991 I never seen over 3 deer in a group on my farm, now with the food plots I see up to 16 deer feeding at one time in the food plots. My farm adjoins a 110 ac horse hay baling operation that has a lot of waste brushy areas so are deer numbers are high.
The bucks are using my farm now as a travel trials looking for does during the rut.

Good news- it's now pouring down rain on my newly planted plots. This should get the seed off to a good start.