every deer hunter should have this item


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First the disclaimer. I am not related to the inventor. I have no commercial interest in the product. I do not receive any compensation for my views. I am just a satisfied user that wants others to know about this product. It will simplify your deer cleaning either in the field or like myself, at a cleaning station on my property.
Last year a bought an item called "The cooling tool" It is a blaze orange plastic spreader bar that comes in handy when cleaning deer. I used it on 6 deer last season and 5 so far this year. So I speak from experience. There is a web site that will come up when you search the cooling tool. I was one of the first hunters to buy this product from the inventor. Now one has to buy it from an outfit that sells them. I am simply a satisfied end user.
It is a male and female interlocking piece of plastic with U shaped end pieces. The U pieces have several pointed barbs in them. It has slots so that the cooling tool can be adjusted to different lengths depending on the size of the deer you are cleaning. I clean mine afterwards with hot water and soap.
I gut my deer at a cleaning station after I hoist them to the right height by hand. I have spot lights to work at night and a spigot nearby to fresh water rinse out the cavities. You insert the cooling tool into the cavity just below the ribs. The U pieces with barbs do a great job of grabbing and holding the spot that they are placed at. Twist the bar to release it. Spread it to the length and twist it back so the holes on the pieces engage and you have spread open your deer. I then crack the ribs with a saw and pull out the heart, liver and cut the esophagus. Quite easily done (QED) Now you rinse the deer out with fresh water and you are ready for transport to the processor or skinning if you do it yourself. I leave in the cooling tool while the deer is hanging to promote cooling the inside of the animal.

Previously, I used one inch by one inch pieces of wood as spreader bars. They had to be cut to length and once used I never used them again as they were contaminated with bacteria. They had to be placed exactly on a rib, or they slid off the spot on the deer. The cooling tool has solved all these problems. It grabs the side of the deer with the U shaped barbed ends and does not slip. It can be adjusted to the length needed for the deer being cleaned. It can be washed with hot water and soap after use so it is reusable. With care, it will last a lifetime and be handed down to your offspring.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime. I don't know many products that can make that claim. Check out the web site, they have video that explains this much better than my words
Looks like a good item to have on hand. I am like Doe Shooter, I looked it up too. Strange that they don't advertise their price and allow an instant online order.

Ebay and Amazon have similar products from $11.95 to $14.95
The inventor does not retail the items anymore. He has a distributor for them which is listed on the web site. So yes, it is a little more of a hassle to order one but well worth it. As for the cost, I can not remember what I paid for it last year.
The inventor does not retail the items anymore. He has a distributor for them which is listed on the web site. So yes, it is a little more of a hassle to order one but well worth it. As for the cost, I can not remember what I paid for it last year.
I'm glad you find it useful. I'm at the point in my life where I'm looking to lighten my load all possible. If it's more than $5.00 I can cut a stick that I don't have to carry in or in my case likely lose. But to each his own. I'll start a thread about what you carry in your possibles bag.
Doe Shooter;
Here are some facts about the cooling tool versus my sheath knife which I always carry with me deer hunting.
The cooling tool weighs 6.0 ounces, is 10.5 inches long when the two pieces are interlocked and is blaze orange in color.
My sheath knife weighs 7.8 ounces, is 9.5 inches long and is in a brown leather sheath which would make it all but impossible to find if dropped in the woods. Drop your knife and find it later and it will be rusted and mildewed. Drop the cooling tool and find it later and you can take it home, put it in the top shelf of your dishwasher to clean it and reuse it immediately afterwards.
The cooling tool is available for use as soon as a deer is shot. If you want to use a stick, you have to find the correct diameter stick, break it off the tree or pick it up off the ground and cut it to length. This all takes time.
As you stated, each to his own. It is more than $5. I don't know many pieces of gear that are less than $5.
None taken. I just wanted to put some facts out regarding the weight and size of the cooling tool. I used 1" by 1" cut sticks for years to spread open the rib area of my deer. They slipped all the time if they were not positioned just right. Anyone can use anything that works for them, no hair off my butt. I do all my cleaning at my cleaning station not in the field so the tool sits in a small chest and is brought to the work area when needed. Afterwards a little soap and hot water clean it up and it is ready for the next deer with no fear of bacteria contamination.
Sounds like a handy tool for a cleaning station for those that are going to hang a deer but I quit gutting deer several years ago except on the rare occasion. There is nothing in there that requires me to open one up. I know some folks want the liver and all I can say is more power to ya. I ain't eatin the liver out of any critter ever period.