Estimate His Gross Score


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My son and I have a new Ohio Deer Lease. First year news has been extremely encouraging. Hunting new ground provides a steep learning curve.

Because of distance and a September leasing signing we didn't get summer trail camera photos. Pulled a SD Card Tuesday night and got the deer below.

Please estimate his gross score. Thanks for any input you can give.


The photo below was two weeks later. He likes alfalfa for his Saturday nites. :rolleyes: More likely the does in the alfalfa.

Solid deer, I would shoot it! I rarely guess on scores from trail cam pics. They can be so deceiving. mid 140s
Look at the neck on that guy-wow. What a brute. Very mature. I would agree in the 140's. Hope you get a chance at him.
Considering the size of the deer body.....I think he is over 140, closer to 150s would be my guess.

Quick scoring tip on 10 points I learned a while back........if their frame is pretty "typical".....take the length of their G4 (last point before main beam) multiplied by 10 and add 100.....that will be pretty dang close

For this one....Score = 10 x 5.5" + 100" = 155", I would say right near 150" is pretty close!
:eek: i'd fall out of the tree if I saw a deer that goodness!
Or hang their if you had a safety harness.

I stay on the ground if I forget my safety harness. Don't let foolish pride put your life and welfare at risk.

He is a massive old buck.
150 ish. Slightly larger than my 147 gross last year.

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I would say you have a great yardstick to compare this buck to. The four of us on the lease tend to think in the 150s. We have more photos that what I posted. My son has the SD card and these two photos are the only ones that landed on my laptop.

The buck has a brute of body which can lead to his score being estimated low or at least that is a possibility. I called him "Casper" because he is a night traveler. Be fine with me if he survives this season because one more year might blow him up to the low 170s which would make him the first deer we have chased in the BC category.

Thanks for your feedback. ;)