Electric Golf Cart charging via SOLAR


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Been playing with an idea of a QUIET electric cart of some sort ..modified golf or purpose built electric cart (likely a modified golf due to $$) ..it cant replace my 4X4 with locking axle Rhino for deep woods deer hauls ..pulling harrows etc
But I've no electric at my farm ..so solar would be the only way ..the QUESTION is ..does anyone use solar to recharge an electric cart or know anyone that does ..if so ..how long have have they been doing it ..how well is the system automated ..as in not over or under charging (since a set of destroyed batteries run from $500 and up) ..I've lots of questions and this quest is the very beginning of my fact finding mission

I think a small generator would be more use to you. They are so quite now you have to be right next to them to hear them.
In theory, the dc solar to dc cart should be quite efficient. Of course you'd need to figure out a controller to avoid overcharging. Take a look at the peak demands of your charger to size any setup, generator or otherwise. You might need to buy or design a different charger to do what you want.