Electric bear fencing


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Not sure if any of y'all have had this problem but I've got about 25 Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, & Figs in my young orchard. I pinched all the buds/fruit off this spring so that I "would have another year" until I had to worry about bears. I fenced the majority of my trees for deer (still have 6 to do) but apparently the bears didn't get the memo & are wreaking havoc on my Plum & Apple trees even though there's no fruit on them. Anyways... I need to install my electric fence sooner rather than later. Any recommendations on # of wires & their spacing for the fence, boxes (I've got power close by so don't need solar powered), or any other suggestions? I've been looking at electric fence boxes & supplies at Southern States, Tractor Supply, & online but am new to this so any help is greatly appreciated.
IDK what to tell you, we have enough problems keeping cows contained that are trained to an electric fence, I cant imagine how to even start building a fence to try and keep bears out.

Maybe hook it up direct to the power line? lol
Is fried bear tasty ?:D

Seriously, I know that guys that hunt grizzly/brown bear territory put up e-fences around their campsites, so they must work. If they will deter a grizz, I would think they would work for black bear. I would google it and see what pops up.

Edit: You made me curious so I googled it. All kinds of e-fencing choices on Amazon, although it wasn't the top hit. Looks like they are using net fencing for bears. I'm thinking it would work for hogs too, and that's something I might look into....
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Used to put 2 strands of solar powered wire from TS around bee hives in past that kept them away. A plot would b different I suppose.
Best advice I ever got was from an old farmer I asked what he did when bear got in his hives and he replied simply “I buried him”.

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