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I've got a hidey hole food plot behind my house in the suburbs. The area does not have a high number of deer. I've been doing this for longer than I care to think about. Since I retired I've had the chance to take it to the next level, and this year I became a victim of my own success. I had 3 areas planted. The most important to me was the one over looked by my blind. Long story short, I planted soybeans twice and cameras show 3 deer picking it clean in a few day's time.

I took a chance and bid on an ebay auction for this model Zareeba.
I got it for a very modest price. I set it up mid July and as of this morning it is still running on the same two D cell batteries. It won't knock your socks off if you touch it, but if you happen to be well grounded ,you'll get a snap that will get your attention. It's worked well for me and so I'm passing it on. One word . It is like any other E fence and needs to be free of vegetation touching it.