Eagle Seed Broadside?

Ours did great last year, but I'm not sure you couldn't do just as well with regular roundup ready beans. The big draw I suppose are the vining beans in the mix we used. They did make loads of small black soybeans.

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Anybody used it? Feedback? I know Grant Wood pushes it hard.

they grow well and grow fast. They withstand browse very well. Up here in Ohio they did produce a lot of pods, but they pods didn't last as long as regular ag beans.

Overall, a good food plot seed.
I planted them, didn't see much advantage over ag beans. They withstand browsing better but produce less grain, which IMO is about an even tradeoff. I you're planting soybeans you should have enough acreage that the ag beans can handle the grazing pressure anyway.
I have never planted the broadside. I looked into it but just couldn't justify the price. Soybeans are a great draw but my deer love young sunflower plants over soybeans every day of the week. So when I can get a 50# bag of wheat/rye for $15, and 10 pounds of sunflowers for $5, and rape for $5 an acre it's a no brainer for me.
Broaddside is a fall plot. I won a bag of it from Alex Rutledge last year and because of the drought and receiving it late, I didn't get it planted. I am going to give it a try this fall to see how it does. If it does well, I am going to get my local seed supplier to replicate it. It think it will be a good mix.