Dumb Question re: Ripening


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I feel silly asking such a simple question. Every site claims when each fruit "ripens"... Does this mean when the fruit will fall? I can imagine a fruit would ripen and still hang on the tree

I noticed my Golden Delicious 4 yr tree held onto it's apples until November, even though most sites say it'll ripen in early October.
Some fruit will indeed ripen and still hang on the tree. It depends on the cultivar. For example, I have some crabapple varieties that fall readily once they are ripe. I have other crabapples that never fall and hang on the tree and rot.

Some Ayers Pears will hang on the tree and rot, but a good number of them will fall. With Ayers, it is about 50/50. Most all Kieffers fall easily once they are ripe. Moonglow is another pear that falls quickly once ripe.

Lots of apples will hang on the tree until overripe for eating and must be picked. Others fall easily once ripe.

All American Persimmons that I am aware of will fall once ripe; however, many of the Japanese Persimmons will not fall when ripe and must be picked.

Keep in mind too that wind and weather can affect an individual tree from year to year as well.
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