Duck decoys


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So this is off topic for deer but I know there are plenty of duck guys out there. I'm looking at new duck decoys and I'm leaning toward the Dakota Decoys X-treme with flocked heads. Reviews look good but I'm open to suggestions on others as well. Recommendations?

I'm also looking at a slotted bag to protect the new deeks. Recommendations? I kayak in a lot to duck hunt so I like the idea of just a 6 slot bag but I'm also curious if the bags are flimsy enough to take a 12 slot bag and smash it if you will so it'll fit into the crazy opening that is my kayak that way if I'm not kayaking I have the option of the full dozen. These are the top two bags thus far in my quick search.
Flocked heads are the way to go! The Rig'em bags are nice because the closing top keeps water and other junk from getting on the flocked heads, especially if your kayaking.
The thing about any flocked decoy if you dont take care of them (aka baby them) they tend to get scuffed and scratched pretty easily. They will need to be bagged to keep them looking their best. A 12 slot bag will squish into a pretty tight space. I usually stuff a few 12s into my layout blind with me when field hunting. In terms of brand I dont really have a go to. I own mostly Avery (GHG) duck decoys and Avery and Dave Smith goose decoys. Cant speak to your bag selection as I have all open tops for me the closed top would serve no purpose. I would search a bit though for price as those seem expensive.
Flocking in general will wear if not protected, more so than just painted.

I understand that. I'm leaning towards just flocked heads as those are much cheaper to replace if I need to versus the fully flocked. I've had flocked geese heads for 4 years now and they are fine. Just takes a little more care than painted as you said.
Flocked heads are good enough, like Turkey Creek mentioned, a full flocked body will probably cause more headache in the long run that its worth
Haven't had much luck with Avery or GHG. I'm still a G & H Decoys man. Best paint, shapes, and durability I've found.
I have switched to all avian-x dekes. Don't have any flocked Ducks, but I have several dozen full flocked geese, and painted body just flocked heads. I honestly like the painted body better. They are easier to clean and a lot cheaper. I used the Rogers bags, they cinch shut on top.