Don't plant those seeds


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Did everyone see this? It's on
WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- If you've gotten seeds in the mail that appear to be from China and that you didn't order, departments of agriculture across the country advise you not to plant them.
The Kansas Department of Agriculture said that several Kansas residents have received such packages. They may be labeled as jewelry or have Chinese writing on "Unsolicited packages of seeds have been received by people in several other states across the United States over the last several days," the KDA said. One Wichita resident apparently received an unsolicited package of seeds, and the package said it contained a "wire connector."
The types of seeds are unknown, and the KDA is asking that people not plant them. They could be invasive species, introduce diseases to other plants here, or harm livestock, according to the KDA
I ordered a small packet of seeds from China and they must have sterilized them at the border because they wouldn't germinate in miracle gro and potting soil. Last time I will order seeds or about anything else from China. Maybe the great wall of China was built by their neighbors because they were tired of them.
I like the poison ivy. They were saying today that some states received hundreds of packets,I believe Iowa was one.
:D:D:D As long as it ain’t fescue brotha !