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Well today is conference champ day. The Big Ten is a mess based upon who is playing who is sitting it out.

'Bama has been steam rolling opponents most that line up against them. Clemson was inconsistent early but may been peaking at the right time.

Washington looked good enough to me to be in the top four. A 31 point victory is a statement in my book.

The thing about football is you play them - you don't weight them.

Back to the title - I am for Oklahoma State today for the reason I am not a Stoops fan and I am a friend of DogDoc.

I like fans that stay loyal to what they like. Hey Gator - I am pulling for the Tide today because I think they have the best chance to run the table from #1.

To me Ohio State is the best built team to stop 'Bama and Clemson may be the most motivated to best 'Bama.

No matter how you look at it - crunch time is here. Pickin four teams this year will put some deserving team on the outside looking in. :rolleyes:

Oh by the way - my Tennessee Vols have major problems. o_O
As do my Ole Miss Rebels.......


Vandy thumped both of us. My team has great skilled athletes but we are horrible at defensive tackle and the secondary. Our state defensive end will turn pro and I don't blame him.

We lose our QB and he has been a great runner but average passer. Yes your star and our star is sinking.

I admire the Vandy football coach - he got his squad to believe in their selves. That is a great job of coaching. They kicked us hard in the 2nd half. The Vols made too many mistakes all season long and then they would make a great play. We lost three football games our talent should not have lost too. We come back to beat GA and FL.

If we don't recruit some strong line prospects I worry if we can break even in conference games in 2017. We were 4-4 this year - should have been 7-1 in conference. The line between winning and losing in the SEC is thin due to great competition.
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Lol. I was just getting ready to start a post about Bedlam. Started a big pot of venison chili this morning to enjoy during the game. GO POKES!

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Pulling for you dogdoc......It is still War Eagle for me and anybody that is playing 'bama. I don't care for McElwain but will be a War Gator today!
Interesting article with recently. Something like "Could Alabama's second team win the SEC East?" The recruiting that Saban has done over the years is absolutely amazing. They should never lose a game. I think the seniors are now 49 - 5. At Auburn we hope for a Cam Comeback or a Kick Six.
On another note, I cannot believe a team can sit at home today, not play in conference championship, and go to the playoff ahead of the conference winner.

You are right with the sitting at home part. Life can be messy and today will probably make it a tad more messy.

I was impressive with Washington's ability to assert their self on offense. I got them in. Clemson and Bama wins and the committee can't avoid major controversy unless Wisconsin or Penn State was to blow out the others. If the Sooners were to look world class today that is another loud voice in the room.

Personally, I root against Urban Meyer but his team is young and I would fear them in the final four.

I believe Penn State wins today and only Ohio State makes the final four out of the Big Ten. Sure gives us plenty to fuss about.

Yep, life can be messy.

That chili looks great. Early this morning I had my wife read Triple Cs beer Chili receipe. We compared his to hers.

It is cold enough here today to enjoy that Chili. Good luck in today's game.
Well, Here we go. Nasty day. Slow drizzle and cold. Great football weather. Just hope it doesn't affect our passing attack!

Go Pokes!
Just saw this thread. My game went as expected almost. I did predict a 50-19 final score at half time. My poor Gators just couldn't muster any points in the second half not even the 3 I predicted. No surprise there! I think we made a major mistake early trying to run the ball right up the middle on the goal line 3 out of 4 times.

'Bama has made many of us look bad. I believe Florida gave their best effort but the Defense of the Tide is like the Steel Curtain of the Steelers. Will be interesting to see if they can do it two more times.

The Gators are playing better than my Vols! Hard to admit it but we have troubles in Knoxville.
Sadly my hogs are in the same boat as the vols, the titanic.
Will I get good hogs or bad for the bowl game?
Time will tell.

After hearing Mitch run down his Husker's defense, my Vols might have a chance. Hope has gotten scarce in Big Orange Country in recent weeks. :rolleyes: