DocBrady's tracking pack

I will do my best to keep our tracking adventures posted for all those interested. I have also started a web page and blog to document our tracks. In it, I have included some training tips that I have found useful over the past several years of training and tracking. Follow my blog at

Here is a picture of my "pack" of trackers. left to right...
Caliber, my 7 year old wachtelhund (German spaniel)
Layla, my 10 month old Bavarian mountain hound/lab mix (a total accident with a roaming farm dog)
Echo, my 18 month old healer/beagle mix
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I am fortunate - I got to see these find dogs this week. Echo spent more time with us - part of my handler education. Echo is well mannered and excellent on commands. I was impressed with these dogs and their training shows.

Thanks DoctorBrady for the invite and the visit was so helpful for me. Scotty will be handled better by me as a result of your leadership and assistance.

Somebody is getting a super dog in Echo!

Thanks again.

Echo's new handler came to pick him up last Friday. I laid a track the afternoon before, so that we could get in some more handler training. The new handler, managed him very well and followed previous instruction nicely. Echo made short work of a difficult track, once again impressing his new owner. We also ran through some additional obedience drills, again, more for the handler's sake than for the dog's. I received a lot of positive feedback over the weekend about how well he was doing with his new family, and how much everybody had already fallen for him. That's always great to hear when you transition a dog to a new home. The new owner already has a late spring hog hunt booked in hopes of getting a real track to work with Echo. I look forward to watching him continue to develop and mature as a companion and tracking dog.
I was sad to see Echo go. Even worse, the dam of my hopeful new puppy had still not gone into heat, though she was due about 2 months ago. However, on Saturday I got the text that she just went into heat, and that her breeding is being arranged for later this week, since the sire and dam are several hundred miles apart.
Then as a funny twist, my wife came home tonight and said that she was visiting with a caregiver of one of her patients who offered her a miniature dachshund puppy, knowing that I train tracking dogs. It is an American couch potato version of the tried and true European dachshunds. However, I have seen some really talented American dogs as well. It is just more of a crap shoot. What makes it even weirder is that my wife is not a pet person by nature, and her asking about bringing another dog home is strange, especially one that would likely live inside. I told her that I was open to giving it a shake with tracks to see how it performed. Worse case scenario, I have to find a home for a dachshund pup, which shouldn't be too difficult. Best case, I once again have more good dogs than I know what to do with.
Well, the dachshund pup didn't pan out. The owner had offered the dog to another lady before she had made the offer to my wife. I was the backup plan. The other lady couldn't pass up a weiner dog pup...but who can, really?
It is probably for the best, as I continue to focus on getting Layla ready for this season and prepare for my new Hannoverian hound. The dam, Ny, was confirmed to be in early heat by progesterone testing and is on her way to Texas for breeding. If all goes well I should have a new addition by mid to late summer. I don't anticipate him getting a lot of real work this fall, but will put him on some easier tracks to add to his training. I am excited to see how Layla does this season since she will be my primary tracking dog. She has really excelled on artificial tracks, but being able to trust the dog on the real thing can be a different story.
Also, I finally got my Facebook page up and running. I am not a social Facebook guy, but did want a business page to promote our tracking. For those who are interested, you can find it at Missouri-Kansas Blood Tracking on Facebook. Please like and share!
Just got the good news that Nya (Ny) is on her way back home after several days of successful tie ups with Bear. Looking forward to confirmation on the pregnancy in the near future. Here is a picture of Ny taking a walk through the wildflowers in preparation to her date :).
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How is Layla doing in her training? New pup going to arrive this summer? My Scotty is in Indiana with a full time trainer and I am getting a second pup in July. My wife figured out that Scotty needs a buddy. I am getting a yellow male lab that will be 8 weeks old. Brad's pack is going to get larger fast.

I just updated my blog last night. Layla is making steady progress. The new pup is due to be born TODAY! I hope to have him home by late July.
Congrats on the new addition! No deer antler will be safe in Tennessee.
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I am lining up elk locations in eastern TN and eastern KY for next spring. In some hunt test, a dog has to find and retrieve one elk antler. We might as well get some practice in - at least I hope to.

So today is the birth day on the next pup. That pup is so lucky - he just don't know it yet.

Just got word, 9 pups born Monday night through Tuesday morning. 3 males and 6 females. That's a big litter, and I hope all stay alive and healthy. I am hoping for a motivated male pup with solid nerves.
Here's a picture of the new addition. Not sure which one will be mine yet. I will make my decision based upon testing done at around 8 weeks. Also, I added a good tracking blog on my website and Facebook page for those interested in following.
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Boone has made it home, and we haven't wasted any time getting his training under way. We have run 8 liver drags since his arrival Wednesday afternoon. The first 2 required a lot of encouragement to get down the 50 foot trail. By the 4th track he was tracking with determination. Over the past 2 days tracks have increased to 150 feet with a right turn or two, and are now being aged about half an hour. He is improving with each track. I am very happy with his progress. By next week we will be trading in the liver drag for a drag rag with deer blood on it, and maybe toss in a deer hoof drag as well. It is always so exciting to see a new dog progress!
With a name like Boone, he will be a winner. All kidding aside, he will be a winner because of his bloodline and the training he gets. But I do love his name!

Animals adapt to a new environment so much faster than us human beings. This pup had a long travel to get to Southwest MO. His first year will be a fast and exciting time.

Thanks for the update.
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Has Boone been on any tracks yet? Is this year normal or have calls been down from most years?