Enjoyed your hunt Willy. Congratulations on a great old deer and a clean kill. Your story reminded me of my Dad's early training on me closing in on 60 years ago now---never ever take your eyes off the deer until he is out of sight and more--not even for a second. I can still hear him saying that in mind today.
Way to go Willy! Like Chainsaw, I felt like I was in the stand with you. Great narrative on the hunt and beautiful mature buck.
Thanks all, the buck weighed 234.5#'s field dressed. I scored it at 121 3/8 gross. My guesstimate on age is 5.5 plus. His rack hasn't really changed since I first saw him in 2013 except for mass. I am going to send the teeth in and see what they say he is.
Great looking buck! anything with that kind of age is way up there in my book!!

Anything over 200 is as well! congratulations on such a fine trophy and harvest!