Declared today as butt n brat day at Triple C's place

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Felt fishy yesterday and settled on salmon filet marinaded in a concoction of soy sauce, brown sugar n honey. Did jalapeno poppers as an appetizer.
peppers halved.jpg peppers wrapped n rubbed.jpg Poppers.jpg
Here's what last evening meal's looked like following the poppers.

Today...It's back to what we do best in the south - pork. Got a butt rubbed up and on the pellet grill. Threw some brats on for appetizers mid-afternoon.
Sunday cook.jpg

What you got cookin' this weekend?
Did some ribs yesterday. My oldest wanted to make stuffed shells for tonight. Mix of venison sausage ricotta and mozzarella in the middle.

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Brats finished and now being munched on as appetizers. Made a dipping sauce from mayo, yeller mustard, Heinz 57 and cayenne peppa. Ms doesn't like em hot so no cayenne in her dipping sauce.

Internal temp on butt at 134 and rising. Bout an hr or so to hit 160 before I wrap it in foil with a little apple cider poured over it.
Right there with you. Wrap em at 160 and then pull around 204. Let rest till cool enough to handle. In my experience, the resting period is just as crucial to tenderness as the cooking period. Let that sucker rest still wrapped in the foil for a minimum of an hour and longer if you have it. It'll pull apart with 2 forks.
Foiled with apple juice added and now waiting on it to hit 202 - 204 degrees.
Picked this Cabela's brand pellet grill up for the house about 2 weeks ago and been cooking up a storm on it. Really like it. Got the 26" version for home. Temp settings are available in 5 degree increments and max temp is 500. Also has a searing feature built in that I really like for steaks. We'll see how it holds up over the long run.
I was watching Womens beach volleyball ( yep its raining here again) when I saw your Butt title, if you know the connection. For a minute I was wondering about my buddy Triple.:cool:
I'll be there in 5 hours, keep it warm.
I can understand and appreciate the connection. Thinkin' there's a lil' more fat content in my butt. :D
Pulled the butt at 203 degrees. Bout same temp as dogghr is watching on TV. Gonna let her rest for bout an hour in the oven before some goodness begins. I'm starving...

Temp.jpg Resting.jpg
Well...I've cooked a lot of butts. Gonna just go ahead and give myself a 10 on this one. A knife never even sniffed this butt. Two forks and this glorious piece of meat just shredded with no effort.
butt shredded.jpg

Paired it with homemade cole slaw, left over cauliflower au gratin from last night, n left over asparagus. No bread, sugar or taters for 2 weeks now. I don't really consider myself fat but my doc does. He says for me to look around for fat 80 year olds. Says I won't see any. So...doing my best to follow this keto nutrition program and so far so good. Been a fun day boys!
butt plated.jpg
I seldom let a butt rest for more than a few minutes before I shred it like you did today (the wife doesn't leave them alone once brought in). It looks perfect! Sometimes I cook 2 of them and save one for the next day. They cut real well into sandwich size slabs when cold.

The fried catfish looks great too! Always left the tail fin on and ate it like a potato chip. Great stuff guys!

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