Crazy good basketball game

Native Hunter

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If you are a college basketball junkie and like watching any great game, you should watch the replay of Kentucky and North Carolina that was played tonight. The final score way KY 103 and NC 100, but I can tell you that there were no losers in that game. You can also get to see a freshman score 47 points, which was mind boggling + other players on both teams that just played incredible.

I've watched college ball all my life, and don't remember ever watching a game that would top it. Hats off to both programs.
Reminded me of a game where Grant Hill throws a pass full length of the floor and Duke's Christian L' put KY out of the tourney.

This time KY won. The freshman did what no other has every done. Fine line between the win and the team that runs out of time. ;)
That game was so much like the National Championsip game. UNC hits a three for what looked like game winner, then other team hits the miracle shot. My son is associate professor at UNC. He and family (three boys) live and breather Carolina b-ball. They are ready for revenge game.
I was a Carolina Blue fan when Dean Smith was their coach. What does the your son teach at NC?

I love college basketball but I wish players couldn't jump to the NBA so fast. When Florida won it twice in a row their players stayed. Corey Brewer is from my hometown and he was MVP in their 2nd Championship Game.
My son is a Land Use, Urban/Surburban Development, Historic Development Lawyer. He works with the school of government providing research, advice and conferences for government officials in the state. He described it to me as similar to the Ag Extension of schools, but a Govt Extension. His title is professor but he does not teach students.
Last time I was there, month ago, we all went to a game at the Dean Dome. It is big time in Chapel Hill, and they hate Duke