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Hilarious. He should probably mark her somehow, so that the hunter knows which one to shoot. Apparently that doe lives just down the road from me too. I wonder if I need to be worried? She must have a mean streak!
Wtf is going on, is this a joke? $500 to sit over a foodplot and kill a doe? For serious? Why not have someone kill one for you and drop it off at the processor?
It says "Hunts" so I am guessing he is thinking that he is going to get rich off all the SERIOUS trophy doe hunters in the area!:)
I know a lot of people who have lost their land to hunt on. I hear it often "I just want a doe for the freezer, but there's no way I'm spending $5k on a lease". This might be attractive to one of those guys. Seems a little high to me though.
A bit off topic, but how many states have a donation program for deer meat. We have a couple of options here. You can donate an entire deer to a processor and that deer is then distributed through a Hunters feeding the hungry program. We also have a program where individuals can find other individuals on our state game and fish website who are looking for wild game meat or have wild game meat to share. Obviously it is illegal to sell it, strictly a donation program. I have donated extra deer in the past to those looking for meat. They have always been very gracious and thankful when given the meat.
Wonder what a person is getting for $500. A 1 or 2 day hunt, or until you fill the doe tag? I can see where there would maybe be a market for something like that, but not at that price point.

NY and PA both have venison donation programs where you can donate part of or all of a deer. We have donated several this year to each state. We have also given several deer to people that we give to annually. Between my two kids and me and two states, we have several tags. We only keep 2-3 deer a year for our freezer. It actually gets me out into the stand sometimes knowing someone is looking forward to the deer meat. The properties we hunt are overrun with deer and we can't shoot enough doe. The problem on our properties is usually only a few guys want to shoot doe and the guys who will only have so many tags. The venison donation programs are great in my opinion. Great use of the resource.
2 years ago I took a customer on an elk hunt in the Texas panhandle. I paid $500.00 a piece for 2 cow elk and the tag cost $55.00 each. So that seems a bit high for a whitetail doe but like they say, some people just want some meat in the freezer. There has been many a year that I would have probably paid good money for a doe hunt.The deer herd in Oklahoma has exploded since that time though and finding a doe is no problem.