CP-42 Pollinator Planting......anyone have couple years in?


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I am looking for thoughts on this planting and how it looks throughout the year, specifically during
late spring (deer and turkey cover), as well as later in the year after some snowfall.....how well does it stand?

We have a few acres I'd like to plant and I like the idea od the forbs mix over a heavy switchgrass stand, but wanted to hear some thoughts.

Cant tell you as ours has only been in the ground 3 months. Though I dont recall anything in our mix that will be over 2-3' tall when mature so there wont be alot of cover regardless.
Hmm........Ill have to look at the mix a little closer, but I was hoping for more than a few feet.

Maybe I should stick with a mix containing switchgrass and some taller stuff.
I am pretty sure the mixes are determined on a more local basis so you might have some other things in your mix that would give you height, I think the only grass in ours was Little Bluestem.