Cow peas

Doe Shooter

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I wondered some years back if deer ate the cow pea pods? The answer is ,yes the do. Every single one. Looks like it was mowed.
I have a hill side in the back that I threw a handful of seeds 5 or more years ago. They have re-seeded them selves ever since because the deer don't get to them.
That's interesting. I had no idea that cowpeas would reseed in a zone as far north as Illinois. Obviously your deer found them this time around. I guess the reseeding cycle is over?
Two separate plantings. The 5 year planting by the house gets bigger every year. The food plot planting gets stripped. They grow on the poorest ground you got. Great first grow on new broke ground.
I have planted cow peas already, and they did great. The reason I don't do more is because they are a warm season species, and my needs here in 6b are for cold season plantings when our deer herd is in need of food. I focus on corn, soybeans, rye, and winter wheat to try to supply winter food. There's always plenty of ladino clover around for summer protein.
I like to mix them in with soybeans in my hidey hole plots. They finish the soybeans first and then go after the cowpeas. Fast growing. Good if you have to plant late