Couple of rubs from last year


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Couple of rubs from last year, took these photos last time we were at the property. Started seeing rubs on these size cedar trees in this area in 2010, several of them have been rubbed every year. I think I'll put a game cam on them this year and see if I can get a photo of the buck or bucks making them!!



Any thoughts on how big the buck was that made these rubs??

Had 3 good buck on camera in 2014 and managed to kill one of them, but only had a single photo of one "big" buck on camera last year and he came through during the middle of the rut. After seeing that these rubs were used again last year, I am convinced that there are other big bucks I didn't get photos of that are still using the area.

I usually put a feeder up after the season to see what is still around, but didn't manage to make it happen last year. .
This is a rub from our place when we bought it...


This was the culprit...



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What a monster 8!!

This is the only "big" buck I had on camera last year.......I believe he could easily make the rubs I posted above. These photos were taken within 200 yards of the rubs.


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