Country Way brand rotary tiller from Rural King


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I'm in the market for a rotary tiller and the Country Way tillers from Rural King caught my eye mainly because of the price. I was wondering if anyone had one, or if anybody knew anything about them? There isn't much information on them other than on the Rural King website.

They look pretty similar to the King Kutter's, and the County Line tillers you can get at Tractor Supply, but the lower cost has me wondering why they are that much cheaper. Any input on these tilllers, or any other brand I should take a look at is greatly appreciated.
One thing I always look at when comparing models is overall weight of the unit. That usually gives me an idea of how heavy something is built. Not sure if that is a good indicator of quality but it’s where I usually start. Then I look at fabrication and how it’s put together.
Those both used to be made by the same company. Not sure is that is still true. I have a Woods, little more expenive but is a beast. Handles rock with no problem and tills thru unsprayed , mowed fescue with no problem. With that said, I don't do much tillage anymore and its sat in barn for 3 years now. Maybe I should sell??