Couldn't spray- rai. Next steps?


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my plan last weekend was to mow and spray buckwheat to get ready to plant turnips. Mowed first ( they were over 4ft tall) and then the skies opened up all weekend. Was hoping to turn over and plant this coming weekend. I have a tiller and disc harrow. Which one would you use given never got the glyco on it? I guess I could spray this weekend but concerned about waiting another week to plant- thoughts?
Several options. Tiller is a picky thing sometimes. If soil is wet, it will clump, too dry, then makes a fluffy powder. So that would be an assessment first if using the tiller. I never spray if I'm using the tiller.
So anyways, you could remow real tight to mulch up your cuttings from this past weakend. Then till or disc and pack, spread seed and pack again. Don't' want that seed deep so make sure it is near the surface.
Other alternative, is spread seed after mulching, and pack. Up the seed rate slightly and with rain, should get good results. I'm not sure your locale, but could wait and extra week for your present mowing to break down some and everything would be easier. If you are adding fert, do so before tilling or discing. Good luck and let us know how you do it and the results.
Broadcast any amendments - lime, fertilizer
Lightly disc until you see about half dirt and half thatch (thirt)
Cultipack, broadcast a mix of brassicas (not just turnips?), and cultipack again.

If you had mature BW seed when you mowed, expect to have some volunteer BW in your mix, but don't fret about that. Wildlife won't mind and first frost will wipe those out.