Corn is planted - new plan


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Its been very wet in Central NY - our 10% rain Saturday turned into a misty wet lake effect rain for the 1st 8 hours. In the end we were lucky to get the corn in. With rain in the forecast all week - yesterday and today were our only options for a bit. We broadcast 1000 lbs of 20-10-10 fertilizer into about 3 acres where we plant the corn.


After a couple frustrating tower blind hunts last late season - watching deer go from the woods to the corn with no shots - we decided to plant the corn up tight to the North and South Towers. The soybeans have always been the more attractive late season plot - but with corn to stage up in until dark - they sure do!! Now maybe they will stage up in the woods before they - but at least I wont see bits and pieces of them for hours, before they come to the beans. OR - if the come to the corn to stage up - they will be right in front, and in some cases they will have to cross open field to get there.

I'm curious how others layout their corn - for late season hunts. (The last two weeks - we don't hunt mornings or even go into the woods if possible.)

The wet soil made us a bit nervous - but it didn't clump - and it didn't stick to the disks or tractor tires - so we were good to go.

So the corn in font of the South Tower is a block about 1.5-2 acres - out the right side of the Tower. Beans will be directly and front and to the left. Here is a couple South Tower corn planting pics 5/17/17.

looking back at the stand - from mid field

and two pictures from out the right side window



Last of the south tower pics - is a picture behind - of the tree planting. Th.e trees provide entrance and exit to the Box - and give screening from the cabin - 150 yds away (this field was a 15 acre field we've split up - see my Property tour for more on that).


I didn't take as many pictures of the North Tower planting. This field is a 5 acre field split into 3 zones - there is not tree planting in this field. The North Tower is in the NE corner - and butts up to a thick hedgerow then the Road on the way in. Its very very good to not get winded.

We are planting soybeans on the left side of the field (not really in view) - and the corn is only in the front 1/2 of the right side - beans will be in the back half of the field - (will be able shoot over top the corn).


and a look from the North Tower - beans and a clover strip will be on the left


and corn on front 1/2 - and beans on back half - clover strip up to road hedgerow

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Those are some great views from the tower stands. It's obvious you've put a lot of thought into the layout, including ingress/egress, which is crucial to actual hunting success.

I believe if I was discing a plot up to plant corn, I would use Yoder's approach and do a mix that is about 3/4 soybeans and 1/4 corn. That way they feel comfortable walking and feeding in it, but you get plenty of shot angles.
Maybe next year I'll try the 1/4 corn 3/4 soybean idea in a plot- I've had lesser variations of it by mistake with corn mixed in my beans or from volunteers - but that sparsely planted corn never did well to maturity - maybe too far apart for reliant germination

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We mix our corn and beans in our plots. I disc a couple shooting lanes visible from the redneck blinds. Deer feel completely comfortable moving through the mix during day light.
Beautiful looking pictures, I love the mountains in the background. I am pretty limited on space for my corn so I am at the mercy of the lay of the land plus annual rotation. Here is an oldie but goodie from Ed Spinazzola: Corn Layout
How many day corn is it? I would guess in NY you would need some fairly short season corn, just dont have the GDUs. "Here" a good flex ear hybrid planted at 20k/acre with above 18k/acre emergence will yield 175-200bu/acre if the weather cooperates and we get some rain at the right time. I can tell you that here guys would be ripping those little trees out and planting corn in it lol
Thank you for the comments -
The corn we are planting this spring is 86 day corn. We do have a short season - in 17 years of planting corn for deer - one year we had corn that froze out before maturity and resulted in quite a bit of moldy corn. We will be planting the soybeans this weekend - I expect that we'll have about 4-5 acres in between the various plots.​
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